Phantom Tag Protector is Open | Since we're an online e-commerce business, and we've partnered with logistics and packaging companies that are designated as essential, we'll remain in full operation as we navigate these uncertain times.

Phantom Tag Protector Early Spring 2016 50% Off Sale.

In our efforts to lessened our stockpile at one of our many distribution centers, Phantom Tag Protector has decided to launch its 2016 Spring Sale early. We're relocating this particular distribution center, and after thorough internal managerial discussions, we came to the conclusion that it would be much more cost effective to lessen our stockpile of products thru major discount sale, than to foot the expense of relocating them across town.

As with prior sale opportunities, this major discount can't be retroactively apply to previous sale and can't be used in combination with any of our promotional discount codes.

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