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Phantom Tag Protector 50% Off Spring '16 Sale Is Ending

As of Sat. Mar. 26, 2016 @ 11:59pm, we terminated our 50% off Spring Sales Promotion. We're now running order 2016 standard 33% off sales promotion. Please CLICK HERE for greater details on our 33% off discount.
 Our efforts to lessened our stockpile at one of our many distribution centers, with our 50% Off 2016 Early Spring Sale, has been a tremendous success. We've successfully relocated this particular order fulfillment center, which will allow increase logistic efficiency and increase shipping speed to more of our customers across the US and Canada. With this goal now accomplished, we've decided to terminate our 50% off sale on Saturday, March 26th, 2016. We're anticipating to revert back to price levels closer to our manufacture suggested retail price levels.
Thanks to all customers taking advantage of this huge discount sale opportunity, which helped made our transition into a new order fulfillment center a success. Yes, our bottom line took a hit for such a significant discount on our products, but we see it as savings being passed on to our loyal customers. One of the pillars of our business model is to help our customers safeguard as much of their financial resources as possible, and we'll always embrace every reasonable opportunities to help along the way.


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