First Time Customer Appreciation Sale | All 1st TIme Customers Get An Additional 10% Off Their Order | Use Disc. Code: "1STSAVE10%OFF"

Phantom Tag Protector 1st Time Customers 43% Off Sale.

In addition to our standard 33% off discount, Phantom Tag Protector is offering an additional 10% off discount to all 1st time customers until Sat. Nov. 25, 2017. Therefore, all first time customers will get a total of 43% off their purchase by using discount code: 1STSAVE10%OFF. Make sure to enter discount code to get the 38% off discount, otherwise you'll only get the standard discount of 33% off. 



Order One Here: 43% OFF MSRP $59.99 =  $35.99

Order Two Here: 43% OFF MSRP $119.98 = $71.99




Order One Here: 43% OFF MSRP $45.99 = $27.99