Phantom Tag Protector is Open | Since we're an online e-commerce business, and we've partnered with logistics and packaging companies that are designated as essential, we'll remain in full operation as we navigate these uncertain times.

Phantom Tag Protector 1st Time Customers 43% Off Sale.

In addition to our standard 33% off discount, Phantom Tag Protector is offering an additional 10% off discount to all 1st time customers until Sat. Nov. 25, 2017. Therefore, all first time customers will get a total of 43% off their purchase by using discount code: 1STSAVE10%OFF. Make sure to enter discount code to get the 38% off discount, otherwise you'll only get the standard discount of 33% off. 



Order One Here: 43% OFF MSRP $59.99 =  $35.99

Order Two Here: 43% OFF MSRP $119.98 = $71.99




Order One Here: 43% OFF MSRP $45.99 = $27.99