Phantom Tag Protector 25% OFF Sale Is Ongoing & Our 44% Off Sale Has Ended.

Phantom Tag Protector 44% off sale was a total success in that we were able to attract a wide range of US and Canadian customers. Special thanks to our customers in NY, FL, LA, CA, IL, PA, NJ, TX, AZ, AL, MN, OH, TN, VA, and Canada. We were hardly able to keep up with the influx of orders from you'll, but the Phantom Tag Protector order fulfillment team was able to pull together and successfully fulled all orders on time.

  We wish we were able to sustain this major discount of 44% off much longer, but due to the ever increasing cost of advertising, we had to make the decision to reduce this discount rate to 25% off. We hope to be able to maintain this new discount rate for a prolong period of time, however we can't guarantee this. Due to the increasing cost of manufacturing, shipping, and advertising, we are inclined to believe that we won't be able to sustain this 25% off discount forever. So, we're encouraging all future and current customers to take full advantage of this 25% off discount while they can.