My Anti-Photo Phantom Tag Protectors Saved me $500 worth of fine in one week.

     Ladies and gentlemen, let me start off by saying this, spring is here and summer is quickly approaching, which means that drivers will be on the road across American, Canada and elsewhere a lot more longer and more frequently.  Our local state, city and county officials are will aware of this fact, and are actively planning to boost profit through the usage of traffic enforcement camera systems, i.e red light enforcement and speeding enforcement cameras. These systems are strategically being place to pull in the most revenue from unsuspecting drivers all across American and Canada. They are frequently relocated, stealthily disguised, and are more wide spread than ever before. So, they are virtually impossible to keep track of in familiar areas, and even less so in unfamiliar areas. The old tricks of knowing where they are and reduce speed, or stop way before reaching the crosswalk line, or refrain from making permissible right turns at certain intersections, are ineffective. You will lose your hard earn money paying bogus traffic enforcement fines, if you solely rely on these ineffective strategies. Purchasing and using Phantom Tag Protector is one of the most affordable, effective, and easiest methods to combat these traffic enforcement revenue machines.

   Just last week my phantom tag protectors saved me $500 dollars worthy of would be bogus violation fines. While I was driving towards down town Washington D.C via familiar routes,  which had none of these traffic enforcement camera systems previously installed, I say the all too familiar bright camera flashes in my side and rear review mirrors. At first I said to myself, "F**K", but then I quickly realized I had my two phantom tag protector anti-photo license plate covers installed. About two days later, I experienced the same situation in another location, which again I knew had none of these traffic enforcement camera systems previously installed. For each of these incidents, the fine is $250. So, in less that a week, my phantom tag protectors paid for themselves more than five times. I recommend you do the math for your local jurisdiction and seriously consider getting the protection you deserve from having phantom tag protectors installed on your vehicle(s).

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