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2018 Free Mother's Day Gift Automobile 3 In 1 Emergency Escape Hammer/Seatbelt Cutter/LED Light

As of 6/02/18 Offer Extended for Father's Day Expiring Sat. Jun 30, 2018 @11:59pm.

In Recognition of 2018 Mother's Day, Phantom Tag Protector is giving away free Automobile 3-in-1 Emergency Escape Hammers with every purchase valuing $100 or more. 

What better way to show your appreciation to the mothers in your life than to equipped them with a tool to better handle an unfortunate emergency? This very useful tool is easily install in your vehicle, and we recommend multiple installations for large capacity vehicles, such as minivans, buses and RV's. With this in mind, we'll ship a free Emergency Escape/Rescue Hammer for each purchase interval of $100. So Customers with a total purchase of $200, will receive two (2) Escape/Rescue Hammers.  

NOTE: This Mother's Day Free Gift offer can't be retroactively redeemed with previous purchases. The video above serves only as an illustration of how an emergency escape/rescue hammer works in the event of an emergency. Our actual free gift item is depicted in the photographic images above.


As of 6/02/18 Offer Extended for Father's Day Expiring Sat. Jun 30, 2018 @11:59pm.


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