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Privatized Your Tag & Assert Your Independence This July 4Th.

Freedom, and Independence are among the essential core values that will be celebrated this coming July 4th. Wrapped in these core American values of freedom and independence, is an individual right to privacy. Assert your freedom and independence this July 4th, by asserting your right to privacy. The right to travel freely, independently and privately
in your own automobile, without your license plate being constantly photographed and/or video recorded, is consistent with the core values of the American Independence Day Celebration. If you're sick and tired of these eyes in the sky, cameras everywhere, tracking and profiling you while you go about your daily routine, simply privatized and anonymized your license plate with a Phantom Tag Protector. In the spirit of this July 4th Independence Day, we are supplementing your phantom tag protector purchases with free gifts. Visit us today at www.phantomtagprotector.com for more details.