Phantom Tag Protector is Open | Since we're an online e-commerce business, and we've partnered with logistics and packaging companies that are designated as essential, we'll remain in full operation as we navigate these uncertain times.

44% OFF Sale + FREE Gift Combo Ends 7/14/15 @ 1PM. Shop And Save Now!

Phantom Tag Protector is currently running its much popular 44% off discount sale in conjunction with its giveaway items for one more week. Among these giveaway gift items are bolt caps for your license plate bolts and tire valve caps. These gift items value between $7.95 to $12.99 and are very useful items.

Our license plate bolt caps not only enhances the appearance of  your phantom tag protectors and the overall appearance of your vehicle, but they also primarily function to prevent corrosion of your license plate bolts. Such bolt corrosion may then leads to the staining of your anti photo phantom tag protector covers. Therefore, we're offering a set of bolt caps with each phantom tag protector purchased in an effort to ensure the longevity of our customers' investment.

Likewise, our second gift item, tire valve caps, enhances the appearance your automobile wheels and the overall appearance of your vehicle. However, the primary functions of these valve caps are preventing dust accumulation, corrosion, and gradual air lost associating with your automobile tire valves. In spite of these important functions, these small auto accessories often end up missing, therefore we expect most of our customers will appreciate receiving them as a small gift.

We encourage customers to be mindful of the upcoming deadline of Tuesday July 14, 2015 of our 44% off sale + free gift combo. Shop now or before this deadline to enjoy the savings and great value associating with these gift items.