In Addition to Our Standard 33%-40% OFF Discount, All 1st Time Customers Get An Additional 10% Off Discount. Required Discount Code: "1STSAVE10%OFF". This Offer Will Expire On Sat, Feb. 29th @ Midnight.

Phantom Tag Protector New 30% OFF Sale + Free Gift + Free Shipping For All Customers.

We regret to have to terminate out 44% of sale promotion, which our customers responded very well to. However, though this termination may seems like a step back from our customer friendly business model, deeper analysis says otherwise.

Unlike in the past, we have made the decision to extent our free shipping to all customers within the United States, Canada, and Mexico. We took the approach that our customers are in fact our customers regardless of where they happen to be located. Therefore, since all our customers are investing in the same high quality products that we offer, no one group of customers should end up paying more for any of our products than another group of our customers. Additionally. we've selected to maintain our free giveaway gift items. Lastly, instead of completely termination our discount program, we've selected to reduce it from 44% to 30%. So, our customer base as a whole is gaining, instead of losing on the horizon of these changes that we've implemented.