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Effective Speeding Camera Ticket Defense: Multiple Vehicles In Camera View.

Have you ever received a photo radar camera ticket in the mail? Very few drivers in certain jurisdictions can honestly say that they haven't. The proliferation of these revenue seeking traffic enforcement camera systems are wide reaching, especially throughout the U.S and Canada. It's widely recommended that drivers opt to go for a court hearing and don't just rush into paying these speeding camera tickets by default, and we at Phantom Tag Protector share that same view. In this blog post we'll be discussing one effective speeding camera ticket defense: Multiple Vehicles in Radar Camera Zone.
Upon receiving a speeding camera violation notice in the mail, especially important inclusions are several photographs of your vehicle, and possibly an online link to review these photos, and a brief video showing your vehicle supposedly traveling above the posted speed limit. Drivers should pay careful attention to these photos and take the time to review this short video recording. Here's why; in order to prove by clear and convincing evidence that it was your vehicle that was traveling at the alleged rate of speed above the posted speed limit, these photographs and video recording must show only your vehicle going in the said direction of travel. In addition to your vehicle, if any of the photos or video recording shows one or more vehicles traveling in the same direction as your vehicle, then it can not be proven by clear and convincing evidence that it was your vehicle that was in fact traveling above the speed limit. Upon reporting for your hearing, the hearing examiner or judge will review these photographs and video recording and ultimately dismiss the violation/case against you, if not, appeal.
Why drivers should always opt for a hearing upon receiving a speeding camera violation notice in the mail? 1) Once you pay, you're essentially admitting to being guilty of the speeding violation and forfeit all your rights to any future hearing on that particular violation. 2) The photos or video records sent in the mail or available online to you, may be limited and thus misleading. Therefore, you may receive in the mail only those photos showing your vehicle only in the radar camera zone, but the complete photo records or video recording, which you only have limited access to, show multiple vehicles in the radar camera zone. Your hearing examiner or judge will have full access to all the photographs and the full length video recording and is therefore better able to make a fair decision on your case. 3) There may be other legal reasons, unknown to you, why a speeding camera violation against you can't be proven by clear and convincing evidence and the burden of prove isn't on you, the defendant, but it’s your accuser (prosecutor/state) responsibility to prove your guilt. Therefore, don't be the defendant, prosecutor, and judge all at the same time in any case against you, by simply paying.
Some drivers often say it's a waste of time going for a hearing; it seems drivers never win their case, its time away from work and family, and the hearing facility is always crowded. However, the illustration above shows that there are instances where drivers are being successful in challenging the cases against them. Moreover, a significant amount of drivers whom have selected to just pay would have gotten their violation dismissed, if such violations were effectively challenged in court.

In conclusion, Phantom Tag Protector as a company doesn’t advocate driver recklessness on public roadways. Nor do our customers invest in our anti photo radar phantom tag protector license plate covers to engage in such recklessness. Instead, our customers invest in our product to protect their license plate from being photographed and ultimately being issued traffic violation unjustifiably. While attending a hearing may result in a dismissal of an unjustified violation issuance, innocent drivers aren't being compensated for wasted time away from work, family, and friends challenging these violations against them. For these reasons, among others, investing in an anti photo radar phantom tag protector is essential, and highly recommended. CLICK HERE TO BUY






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