Phantom Tag Protector Anti Photo Defensive Driving Technique: Vehicle Lane Positioning.

As our customers, followers, and well researched visitors already know, phantom tag protectors' anti photo technology work off an angular degree principle in distorting and/or blurring photographs. To familiarize yourself on how phantom tag protectors work visit our "how product work" page. With such understanding, it therefore follows that the lane positioning of your phantom tag protector equipped vehicle in relationship to traffic enforcement  photo cameras can impact on the level of effectiveness of your phantom tag protector.

The greater the angular degree of a phantom tag protector equipped vehicle in relationship to a traffic enforcement camera, the more characters of your license plate will be invisible to the camera. Take for example this stretch of road shown in this photograph. With That yellow/orange colored square object, just above the vehicle in front, being the camera, all three of these vehicles should have been traveling in their right lane rather then their left lane. While a phantom tag protector will still distort one or two of the character(s) as there vehicles travel by in their left lane, a change to their right lane will result in 2-3 characters being invisible to the camera. One can test this principle by standing directly behind a vehicle with a phantom tag protector installed (plate will be completely visible at this point), then gradually move to either side of the vehicle. As one move to the left or to the right of the vehicle, the characters on the license plate will start becoming invisible, and the more extreme one more to the right or to the left, the greater the level of invisibility will be. 

How will I know which side of the road the cameras will be?  As drivers, we tend to travel the same routes on a daily bases while heading to and from work, and going about our daily routines. So, most drivers are pretty familiar with the location of these traffic enforcement  camera system on their regular route of travel.  Therefore, with your phantom tag protector properly installed, simple travel in the lane farther away from the side on which these cameras are located. 

In instances where you're traveling on unfamiliar routes and the locations of cameras are unknown,  keep the following in mind. These camera systems need to be accessible because of regular maintenance requirements, and  data retrieval. Therefore, their locations must me on the side of the roadway that is readily accessible to technicians, and which limits dangers and traffic flow interruptions. For instance, look at the above photo  again, and note that the camera is located on the side of the road which allows the best accessibility to the camera for technicians and allow the least amount of interruption to traffic flow while these technicians are attending to this camera. With this general understanding, continuously monitor the roadways while traveling in unfamiliar territories, and decide on which side of the roadway a camera would most likely be located, and simply position your vehicle on the opposite side.




For maximum protection, these revenue seeking camera systems aren't motorists' friends and should be steered clear of, even with your phantom tag protector installed. If you're still traveling without a phantom tag protector please order yours today and put a stop to you getting ripped off by these revenue hungry machinery. 


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