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Anti Photo Phantom Tag Protector: New 40% To 46% Off Discount Levels.

Hello All,

Scott, Customer Account & Marketing Manager, here at Phantom Tag Protector. My aiming with this brief blog post is to keep our customers up to date with our current promotional pricing and discount levels.

After much careful internal deliberation among our upper management personnel, we've finally been able to draft and finalize on our new pricing levels and discount percentage. Those who have been actively following us online, are well aware of the fact that we have postponed implementing these new pricing levels and discounts on several occasions. The major underlining reason for these postponements is the fact that we wanted to insure that several facts were carefully analyzed and taken into consideration prior to making our final decisions. 

Among some of the factors that were taken into considerations were, our current customers expressed feedback in wanting add-on accessory items to be optional, the overall strong demand for our high quality products, marketing expense, and other manufacturing and shipping expenses.

We strongly believe that the decisions we've made herein, are in the best interest of our overall customer base.  As in the past, we'll continue to monitor and evaluate the factors previously mentioned, along with others, in making sure that our products continue to meet the best price to value ratio level for our customers. Ultimately, our aim is to help our customers avoid feeling as if they've made a poor purchase decision, after buying our product(s) and then coming across that of our competitor(s). 

In conclusion, the pricing and discount levels on our website and other selling platforms have been updated and are expected to be accurate. In short, our current discount ranges from 40% to 46% Off, and customers not have to options exclude accessory items from their order. We welcome all to review these updates and share your feedback. Here's a link to our inventory with our updated pricing and discount levels: