Phantom Tag Protector is Open | Since we're an online e-commerce business, and we've partnered with logistics and packaging companies that are designated as essential, we'll remain in full operation as we navigate these uncertain times.

Phantom Tag Protector's Product Guarantee and Return Periods Have Been Extended.

Our customer friendly business model has gotten the best of us again. We're delighted to now announce that we've decided to extend our Phantom Tag Protectors 100% Guarantee period from 45 days to 60 days.  Please review our 100% Guarantee Policy in its entirety.

Additionally, our once 14-Days Return Policy has been changed to our now 30-Days Return Policy. Customers now have up to an entire monthly to decide if our product is right for them. Please take the time to review our new 30-Day Return Policy in it's entirety. 

Disclaimer: Orders place prior to today's announcement date of Dec. 13, 2015 will still be governed within the guidelines of our previous 45-days guarantee policy and our 14-days return policy.