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All New 2019 2nd Generation Phantom Tag Protector Anti Photo Red Light Speeding Camera License Plate Covers.

As our current customers and followers are already well aware of, all our anti photo phantom tag protectors work on a angular principle. However, our 2019 2nd Generation Anti Photo License Plate Covers are the most advanced anti photo speeding camera red light protective covers available. These latest anti photo Phantom Tag Protectors are equipped with twice the protective capability of our previous models.
Unlike our previous models that are made with a single anti photo lens, these 2nd generation models are manufactured with four(4) individual pieces of anti photo lens, which simultaneously, and independently work to maximize protection. With this new design, the angular degree at which the blurring/obscuring effect is activated is drastically reduced. In instanced where our previous model anti photo protectors would obscure a single license plate character, our this new model will obscure two or more characters. In Scenarios where our previous protector would only obscure two(2) license plate characters, this new model will obscure four(4) or more characters (reference comparison photos for illustration).
    Essentially, this All New 2nd Generation 2019 Protector has Double these protective features listed below over our previous models:  
  •  2 x  Camera Blocking Photo Capability 
  •  2 x Video Recording Blocking Capability
  •  2 x  Anti Scanning Capability
  •  2 x  Radar Signal Blocking and Interruption Capability