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Phantom Tag Protector 2019 Combined Father's Day 63% OFF Sale.


This is Kirk Scott, Marketing and Customer Account Manager, at Phantom Tag Protector. I'm reaching out to you in reference to this upcoming day of acknowledgement for dads all across the globe. We all can agree that being an awesome dad and showing appreciation for having an awesome dad, can't be reallocated to a single day of each year. As with the inherit continuity of being an awesome dad, this showing of acknowledgement and appreciation for having an awesome dad is an ongoing and continuous process.

In keeping with the continuity of being, acknowledging and appreciating an awesome dad, Phantom Tag Protector has decided to maintain our standard continuous 53% off discount and further combine it with an additional 10% off discount, while we celebrate this upcoming Father's Day. Customers will therefore get a total discount of 63% off their entire purchase. Our 53% off discount is already incorporated into our product pricing. Customers will need to enter discount code "AWESOMEDAD" to get the additional 10% discount off their purchase. This offer is slotted for expiration after Father's Day, Sunday Jun. 16, 2019 (We've extended the expiration of this promotional sale to Today Sat. Jun. 22, 2019 @11:59am).

NOTE: Please enter discount code "AWESOMEDAD" after clicking checkout during your purchase. This discount code can't be retroactively applied to any previous order.
Thank you!