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Phantom Tag Protector 2nd Generation Clear or Tinted Anti Photo License Plate Cover & Frame Combinations.

We are here to delightfully announce the availability of our 2nd generation anti photo phantom tag protector cover and frame combinations, disclose some of its many feature advancements, and to encourage our previous and first time customers to try them out.

    Simply put, a framed photograph or poster will always be more appealing to the eye, than that same frame less photograph or poster hanging on a wall. Similarly, our phantom tag protector cover and frame combinations are more appealing to the eye, in comparison to our 1st generation frame-less phantom tag protector covers. 

   These Phantom Tag Protector smoked anti photo license plate cover & frame sets are the top of the line of our automobile license plate privacy products. The anti camera, anti radar, anti video, and anti scanner license plate covers are manufactured from shatterproof and non-yellowing acrylic material designed for outdoor use. While the the included matte black or chrome frames are manufactured from strong durable anti-rust matte black or chrome coated metal. These all inclusive anti photo combo sets also includes 4-glassy black or chrome bolt caps. The high quality and workmanship of these combo sets will immediately be apparent upon delivery to our customers, and they will definitely enhance the exterior appearance of any automobile.



Clear Protector Cover w/ Chrome Frame

Tinted Protector Cover w/ Black Frame

Clear Protector Cover w/ Black Frame

Tinted Protector Cover w/ Chrome Frame