Phantom Tag Protector Anti Photo License Plate Blocker Compatibility With Red Light & Speeding Camera Serial Violators.

As stated in our legal disclaimer, Phantom Tag Protector does not encourage, nor endorse speeding, disobeying traffic signals, or toll payment avoidance. Therefore, if your intentions are to have the ability to consistently and deliberately disobey red light traffic signals, constantly traveling above posted speed limits, and avoid paying at any toll booth, then our product isn't for you and you're what is called a "serial violator".

Phantom Tag Protector anti photo license plate covers work on an angular principle by disguising/blurring the characters on one's license plate. However, very rarely is one's license plate characters are completely disguised at any one moment. Please review our "how product work?" page for further details in this regard. Therefore, if you're a serial violator using our phantom tag protector, beware that it is possible for law enforcement to implement advanced investigative techniques to identify your vehicle. I'm sure we're all aware of partial license plate of one or two characters being used to successfully identify vehicles involved in crimes. These types of successful identifications are accomplished by cross referencing other unique identifiable features of an automobile, such as unique paint color and/or design, exterior body damage, bumper and/or window stickers, etc. These advanced investigative techniques aren't used in the average cases of traffic camera violation ticket issuance, especially if no serious crimes are otherwise involved. Additionally, in issuing camera ticket violations, all characters on the supposed violator's license plate must be visible, otherwise such violation is immediately dismissed. However, if you're a serial violation, especially frequently in the same areas, after a few violations, you may be labeled as a serious danger on the roadways. Once you and/or your vehicle has been labeled as such, local police may start issuing you photo ticket violation in instances where your complete license plate isn't visible, and they may start posting up unmarked vehicles at locations where you frequently and deliberately disobey traffic regulations, all in an effect to catch you in the act, and once they do, they'll throw all possible charges at you.

On the other hand however, our regular customers are well aware of the following: 1) these traffic enforcement camera systems have been developed and are operated by private for profit corporations. 2) countless of Canadians and Americans are undeservingly being issued traffic cameras violations on a consistent and daily bases. 3) the true cost of having to deal with a photo ticket in court is many times the fine amount associating with a particular issued violation. 4) There are license plate scanners/readers deployed throughout major metro areas, which are constantly scanning motorists license plates while they are going about their daily lives. These scanners can be mobilized by affixing them to automobiles or they could be deployed at various fixed locations. For these reasons, among others, average law abiding drivers can benefit from using our anti photo license plate Phantom Tag Protectors to safeguard their privacy and to block occasional unwarranted traffic camera photo tickets. For these purposes, we fully support, encourage, and endorse the usage of our anti photo license plate phantom tag protectors by responsible and prudent Canadian and American drivers.

In conclusion, serial violators are welcome to steer clear of our products, while all others are encourage to initiate their purchase by clicking on one of the following links below.


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