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Phantom Tag Protector Clear vs Tinted Anti Photo License Plate Covers.

Phantom Tag Protector Anti photo license plate covers have been available in both tinted and clear option for a while now. We have been consistently receiving inquiries from our customers regarding which anti photo phantom tag protector option would be best for them, tinted or clear. Therefore, in an effort to address in advance as many of our customers questions as possible, we're creating this blog post as a general response. While there are some factors to consider in this decision making process, phantom tag protector anti photo clear license plate covers are just as effective as our anti photo tinted license late covers. So, the following factors to consider will only make a difference in the overall appearance of your phantom tag protector after it has been installed on your particular vehicle.

The idea has been floating around that simply having a tinted license plate cover without any incorporated anti photo features, will interfere with traffic enforcement cameras by block photographs. However, this assertion hasn't been confirmed to be the case by our product research and developmental team. Instead, what we have discovered is that a simple tinted license plate cover may slightly reduce visibility of your license plate characters, especially at night. However, these high tech traffic cameras are sophisticated enough to compensate for the slight reduced visibility resulting from having a simple tinted license plate cover over your license plate. So, if you're interested in blocking your license plate from traffic enforcement camera photos, invest in an actual clear or tinted anti photo license plate cover. (See why Phantom Tag Protector anti photo license plate cover rank the best among its competitors)

Another factor to consider is the natural aging process, which all products progressed through overtime. As the headlights of very expensive luxury vehicles turns to a brownish/yellowish hue as they age, so do the plate cover and the very high tech anti photo film that are incorporated into the manufacturing of our phantom tag protectors. This aging process tend to occur faster in environments of extreme summer temperature heat, such as the Southern United States. In these types of environments, a tinted anti photo phantom tag protector cover is the best option, over a clear one. The reason being is that the tinted property acts as a defense against the damaging effect of the UV sunlight. Thereby, slowing the aging process of both the phantom tag protector cover itself, and the interior anti photo film. In addition, this tinted feature allows an even aging process of the cover and the anti photo film. So, the two parts blend evenly in color appearance as the aging process of the two progress. In contrary, a clear anti photo license plate phantom tag protector isn't equipped with tinted properties, and may not yield the same above results. However, keep in mind that this difference between a tinted and clear phantom tag protector isn't applicable in areas with average summer heat or cooler temperatures.

Another factor that one may consider in designing whether to get a tinted or a clear anti photo phantom tag protector is the general appearance of the cover on a particular vehicle. Some drivers prefer a clear phantom tag protector anti photo license plate cover, because they don't want the cover to detract or add to the appearance of their particular vehicle. The clear/neutral appearance of a clear phantom tag protector accomplishes this preference. On the other hand, some drivers prefer our tinted anti phantom tag protector because of it's dark hue. This darker hue of our tinted phantom tag protector tend to enhance the overall appearance of dark colored vehicles, especially black.


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