Phantom Tag Protector is Open | Since we're an online e-commerce business, and we've partnered with logistics and packaging companies that are designated as essential, we'll remain in full operation as we navigate these uncertain times.

Phantom Tag Protector Customers Can Now Purchase Our Technologically Advanced Anti Photo Lens, as a standalone Product, to Replace The Damaged/Aged Anti Photo Lenses Currently Installed In Their License Plate Covers.

I would like to announce that we've finally been successful in granting a request we have been receiving from our customers for years. Over the years, customers have been requesting to purchase the anti photo lens inside of our anti photo license plate covers as a standalone product. These customers were mainly interested in replacing the damaged/aged anti photo lens with a new lens, and continue to use their existing license plate cover. Other customers had existing non-anti photo covers that they wanted to now equipped with anti photo features. However, due to our manufacturer reluctance, we weren't able to fulfill these customers wishes.

After a great deal of pressure on and negotiation with our manufacturer, we finally got the approval to source these lenses, as standalone products, from our manufacturer. They are now available for purchase on our website, at a very reasonable price. Click on this link to learn more or to place an order: