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Phantom Tag Protector Privacy Shield July 4th, 2016 43% Off Sale.

Among the core values incorporated into the American July 4th celebration are freedom and independence. The right to privacy is deeply rooted in these two essential values of freedom and independence. American drivers right to privacy while they are traveling in the privacy of their own automobiles is being trampled upon with the ever expanding traffic surveillance systems being deployed national wide. We encourage Americans to assert their freedom and independence this July 4th, 2016 by insisting on their right to privacy. Phantom Tag Protector anti photo license plate privacy shield will safeguard your license plate from random or deliberate photography, video recording, and license plate scanners. To further encourage American drivers to protect their privacy while traveling in their automobiles, we're offering an additional 10% discount to all customers. This 10% discount is in conjunction with our already 33% off MSRP. During Checkout enter Discount Code: "INDSAVE10%OFF". This week long extended July 4th 43% off sale is due to expire on Sat. July 9th, 2016. Don't wait, take advantage of this amazing discount today.



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