Phantom Tag Protector's Father's Day 43% Off Sale.

Hi there,

This is Kirk Scott, Marketing Executive, at Phantom Tag Protector. I'll commence this blog post my saying that it's always a great day to take the time out to show acknowledgement and appreciation to a wonderful dad in one's life. However, today is a special day to do so, because one gets to show his/her acknowledgement and appreciation to that special dad in harmony with others across the globe.  On behalf of our entire Phantom Tag Protector team, I would like to take this time to wish all great dads across the globe a happy, healthy and prosperous Father’s Day.

In accord with expressing acknowledgement and appreciation this Father's Day, Phantom Tag Protector is offering to all our customers a 10% off discount, in addition to our already generous standard discount of 33% off. This is a total discount of 43% off our very popular and effective anti photo radar license plate covers. Our 33% off discount is already incorporated into our product pricing. Simply enter discount code "LOVEDAD" to get our additional 10% discount off your purchase. Offer ends Saturday. Jun 25, 2016 @ Midnight.
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