Phantom Tag Protector's Mother's Day 2019 Additional 10% OFF Discount.

Hello there,

This is Kirk Scott coming to you on behalf of this special upcoming Mother's Day Weekend. Myself, the Customer Account Manager here at Phantom Tag Protector and our entire workforce team, would like to take this opportunity to wish all the unconditionally loving mothers across our customer base and across the world a joyful, safe, and blissful Mother's Day. WE SALUTE YOU MOTHERS!  

In recognition of this 2019 Mother's Day celebration, Phantom Tag Protector is offering to all our customers a 10% off discount, in addition to our already generous standard discount of 53% off. This is a total discount of 63% off our highly effective anti photo license plate covers. Our 53% off discount is already incorporated into our product pricing. Simply enter discount code "LOVEMOM" to obtain the additional 10% discount off your purchase.
We invite all to take immediate advantage of this enormous combined discount while it last, as this additional discount is slotted for expiration on Sat. May 18, 2019 @11:59pm. We further encourage all interested customers to use this sale opportunity to help offset the cost of our All-New 2nd Generation 2019 Phantom Tag Protectors. A lot of research and development have been invested in these All-New Protectors, which has double the anti photo protective properties of our 2017 1st Generation Protectors. 
Thank you!