Phantom Tag Protector Anti Photo License Plate Covers vs the Photo Blocker Sprays.

Don't be fooled by the photo radar blocking spray, waste money on cheaper or overly priced alternatives, and   definitely don't leave yourself unprotected by a Phantom Tag Protector.

The so called, photo radar blocking sprays are ineffective for the following reasons:

1-They aren't any more specially formulated, contrary to what their promoters are saying, than a high glass can of sealer, or hair spray.
2-Supposedly photo radar spray are effective in reflecting traffic camera flashes, and thereby causing traffic camera photos to be overly exposed. However, most municipalities are now using cameras which functions without flash. These modern, and more sophisticated traffic cameras are able to generate not only still images, but also video recordings. Therefore, the reflective property of these sprays is defenseless against most, if not all traffic enforcement cameras currently in used.  
3-The raving reviews that are conspicuously available all over the internet attesting to the effectiveness of photo blocking sprays are frivolous and fictitious. Most are written, not my customers, but by individuals who have invested interest in the promotion and sales of these sprays. Other favorable reviews of these sprays are by actual customers whom have not allowed sufficient time to realized that these sprays are ineffective.
4-If you're still not convinced that these sprays are ineffective, I hope you're familiar with the hit TV show Myth-Buster. The March 07, 2007 Episode 73:  Speed Cameras, scientifically busted the myth that these sprays work.
5-Lastly, you may argue that the sprays are less expense. I would simply submit that paying a dime for something that won't and can't fulfill its intended purpose is always more expensive over time. After all, you will have to come to the realization eventually, and then having to spend additional funds in getting the product that actually works. Phantom Tag Protector Works!!! Guarantee!!!

Phantom Tag Protector anti-photo radar license plate cover compare to similar available products.

1-Phantom tag Protector covers are manufactured from very high quality clear acrylic material. This specially constructed material is made to withstand very high/low temperatures. It's virtually indestructible, and will not crack, break, shattered, or discolored/yellowed overtime. Alternatively,  similar products on the market are constructed from cheap PVC plastic that will developed cracks, shattered and turn to a yellowish hue over a period of months. This will only force you in getting a replacement.    

 2-We are constantly thriving to keep our overhead cost at a minimum. This is the primary reason why we're able to offer our product to customers, with all its technologically advanced features, at a ridiculously low competitive price.

Here are some reasons why you should protect yourself today with the purchase of our Product.

1-No Attorney fees
2-No court dates
3-No guilty pleas
4-No fines
5-No mailbox surprises.
6-Just a fraction of the cost of your next would be supposed violation.
7-Photo tickets will be stopped dead in their tracks, guaranteed to work 100%.