Shipping Information

COVID-19 Impact

Our company is an online e-commerce oriented business model with no internal public physical operational locations. We've strategically partnered with logistics and packaging companies that are all considered essential, so our company will remain in full operation as the current COVID-19 pandemic continues to unfold. Therefore, all orders will continued to be packaged and shipped in a timely manner. However, due the fact that more and more people are voluntarily or involuntarily spending more time indoors, online shopping has drastically increased, and will continue upwards for the near foreseeable future. This drastic increase in online shopping, inevitably means a much larger volume of orders for our logistics partners to package and deliver. This volume increase may result in some orders taking 1-2 more days longer than usual to be delivered. We'll continue to work with our logistics and packaging partners to find ways to expedite or lessen order shipping/delivery time frame, in light of the current viral pandemic.


We offer FREE Same-Day Shipping via USPS to the United States. Canadian, and Mexican customers will be afforded free or discounted shipping based upon their total order amount. Shipping to the US typically takes 1-3 business days, depending on which State package is being delivered to and which order fulfillment center will be processing package delivery.

We're unable to continue granting 100% free shipping within Canada and Mexico due to the recent significant increase is shipping rates. Thanks to our ability to cut operation cost elsewhere in our business, we will continue to offer free shipping to our Canadian and Mexican customers with order amount totaling $300 or more. Order totaling $299.99 or less will be charged a discounted flat rate shipping fee of $19.00. Order totaling $300 to more, will be shipped for FREE. Our Canadian and Mexican Customers have been requesting more affordable or even free shipping rates for their purchases and we have finally managed to make this a reality. This is a classic example of how our business model is a customer friendly one; our customers spoke their minds and we listened.

If you've attempted to place an order and you've received a notice stating that there are no shipping options available for your area: Immediately notify us via text messaging @ 661-230-5118 or by email:, and you'll work with you to resolve this issue.