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Air Compressor Tire Inflator
Air Compressor Tire Inflator
Air Compressor Tire Inflator
Air Compressor Tire Inflator

Air Compressor Tire Inflator

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Product Description:

Never get stuck with a flat tire again with this easy to use tire inflator, pefct for car, bike, balls. motor, ATV, SUV, and air matresses  


Product features:

    • Easy to Use: The unit is designed with 2 power plugs for convenient use from the house outlet (110V) and from the car battery (12V).
    • Powerful & Reliable: This small air compressor allows inflate sports balls and car/bicycle tires in a nick of time!
    • Multi-purpose: A set of accessory nozzles that come at hand when you have a deal with different tire valve stems.
    • Specifications: Black woven hose (outer length): 31.4in (80cm). Cable length: DC - 9ft 2in (2.8m). AC - 9ft 10in (3m). LpM (Liter per minute) - 18(DC) / 20(AC).
    • Specific characteristics: analogue pressure gauge; maximum range of pressure: 120psi; continuous working time: 30 min at 35psi. This electric car and bike tire inflator air compressor pump is of the best tire inflators and air compressors available.

Package includes:

  • Tire air inflator
  • Storage zip bag
  • screw on valve
  • Steel ball nozzle
  • needle extension
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