Apnea Speargun, Mokan (35 cm)
Apnea Speargun, Mokan (35 cm)

Apnea Speargun, Mokan (35 cm)

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Description: Hold Your Breath!!!” and dive in with the Apnea Competition Speargun. This European Style Railgun is easy to load, efficient, and accurate. Used by some of the Top Professional Spear-fishers in the Mediterranean Apnea Spearguns are designed for ease of use, accuracy, and power. 


  • Apnea Competition, European Style Railgun
  • Efficient enclosed muzzle design for easy loading, twin threaded bands for high velocity shots.
  • Numerous upgrades including: stainless steel heat treated 17-4 sandvik shaft, ar-ticulated metal wishbones, full barrel glide rail, dipped latex threaded bands, at-tached reel mount.
  • Manufactured in the EU, certificate Europe


Package Includes: 

  • 1 Fishing Spear