8-Inch 60V Brushed Pole Saw, Tool, Battery Powered..

8-Inch 60V Brushed Pole Saw, Tool, Battery Powered..

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Our 60V Powerworks battery is compatible with all our Powerworks 60V tools, simply take the battery out of one tool & place it in another then push the start button & you’re ready for your next job. Use one battery, charge one battery & you will have all the continual run-time you need.   no gas, no pull cord & no spark plug. Low maintenance required.


  • Our 60V Powerworks Battery Is Compatible With All Our Powerworks 60V Tools, Simply Take The Battery Out Of One Tool & Place It In Another Then Push The Start Button & You’Re Ready For Your Next Job; Use One Battery, Charge One Battery & You Will Have All The Continual Run-Time You Need;   No Gas, No Pull Cord & No Spark Plug; Low Maintenance Required
  • Automatic Oiler Applies Oil To The Bar And Chain For Continuous Lubrication
  • Assembly Required

Package Includes

  • 1 Battery
  • 60 Volt Brushed Pole Saw
  • 1 Charger